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SmartEye II Plus

Digital HD Video Endoscopy Processor

Ottomed Gastroenterology Endoscopy Video Processor with touch screen SmartEye SE-II Plus
Ottomed Gastroenterology Endoscopy Video Processor SmartEye SE-II Plus
Ottomed Gastroenterology Endoscopy Video Processor SmartEye SE-II Plus and endoscope handle

Model: OVP-SEII Plus

mBLU endoscopy image enhancement technology

mBLU Imaging

Ottomed Endoscopy High Definition Video Gastroscope

HD Imaging

extreme close up endoscopy


picture in picture and picture outside picture endoscopy systems


endoscopy video processor system with touchscreen panel

Touch Screen

compact and light weight video endoscopy system

Light Weight

Ottomed SmartEye II Plus Gastroenterology endoscopy system with Trolley

Touch screen Interface

SmartEye-II Plus video processor has an intuitive and easy to use Touch Screen Interface technology which makes using it simple & helps to accelerate endoscopy procedures. The simple user interface has all operations on one screen making it easier for the nurse & technical staff & improves procedure efficiency.

Ultra-Light weight Waterproof Connector

Ultra-light weight & fully immersive waterproof connector makes single handed single click connection easy & simple. Waterproof connector makes the endoscope more reliable & user-friendly.


Video Signal I/O

Multiple Digital & Analog video I/O signals connectivity help to connect video system to multiple displays, recording softwares & devices, long distance video transmission.


Compact & Light Weight

LED at Tip technology helps to make the System compact & light weight. Easy to carry anywhere.

SmartEye-II Plus is a Class 1 Next-Generation Digital Video Endoscopy System offering best-in-class features to Gastroenterologists. The HD+ platform makes diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic treatments smooth & hurdle free.


Top Features:  

mBLU Imaging

mBLU Imaging is an advanced optical & light sensor technology which increases the detection/characterisation of lesions/polyps by depicting brighter and clearer endoscopic images.

The mBLU system utilises two modes:

mBLU Mode 1 - suitable for micro vascular pattern.

mBLU Mode 2 - suitable for Detection.

The diagnostic ability of the mBLU system allows more accurate discrimination of adenomas from non-adenomatous lesions as compared to conventional white light. Further studies can be made to validate these observations.


HD+ Scopes

Advanced chip scale technology which offers -3x Brightness & 15% wider beam angle.


Super bright LED-At-Tip

Experience 3x Brightness & 15% wider spread thanks to the new phosphor coating on the LED substrate, supporting high reliability over years of use. The patented Ottomed LED-At-Tip technology does away with the fragile light guide glass fibre bundle making the scopes very sturdy and environment friendly. Long life, superior light intensity, low maintenance & low replacement cost.


Extreme Close-Up Endoscopy (eCUE)

eCUE is an advanced technology pushing the boundaries of endoscopic imaging and diagnosis . It aims to help improve the visualisation of the miniature structures and mucosal pit patterns in great detail for study with clarity and in sharp focus. To achieve this, endoscopes are fitted with highly specialised custom made HD micro lenses with selectable apertures and focal lengths, which with the press of a button can generate sharp close up endoscopic images.

SmartEye-II Plus Video Endoscopy System Specifications

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Processor SmartEye SE-II Plus Specifications

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