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SmartEye II
HD Video Endoscopy Processor

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Multiple I/O

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HD Imaging

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Touch Screen

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Light Weight

SmartEye-II is a Digital Video Endoscopy System offering best-in-class features to Gastroenterologists. The HD platform makes diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic treatments smooth & hurdle free.


Top Features: 

HD Imaging:

High Definition clearer crisper brighter image quality with true colour reproduction increase the observation & detection possibilities.


Super Bright LED-At-Tip

Experience 3x Brightness & 15% wider spread thanks to the new phosphor coating on the LED substrate, supporting high reliability over years of use. Ottomed patented LED-At-Tip technology does away with the fragile light guide glass fibre bundle making the scopes very sturdy and environment friendly. Long life, superior light intensity, low maintenance & low replacement cost.

External Storage

Easy to store still images in an external storage device. Compatible with any external pen drive.



In Picture In Picture (PIP) & Picture Out Picture (POP) display users can watch different images from different sources while performing the endoscopy procedure, especially in ERCP or Ultrasound.


Ultra-Light weight Waterproof Connector

Ultra-light weight & fully immersive waterproof connector makes single handed single click connection easy & simple. Waterproof connector makes the endoscope more reliable & user-friendly.


Video Signal I/O

Multiple Digital & Analog video I/O signals connectivity help to connect video system to multiple displays, recording softwares & devices, long distance video transmission.


Compact & Light Weight

LED at Tip technology helps to make the System compact & light weight. Easy to carry anywhere.

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Processor SmartEye SE-II Specs.png

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