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mBLU HD Video Gastroscope


mBLU Imaging

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope HD TV.png

HD Imaging

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Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope Auxiliary Channel.png


Water Jet Channel

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope Single Step Water proof Connector.png

Single Click

Water Proof Connector

Super Bright LED-At-Tip: Experience 30% more Brightness & 15% wider spread thanks to the new phosphor coating on the LED substrate, supporting high reliability over years of use.

mBLU Imaging: An advanced optical & light sensor technology which increases the detection/characterisation of lesions/polyps by depicting brighter and clearer endoscopic images.

The mBLU system utilises two modes:

mBLU Mode 1 - for spectral mucosal tissue structure enhancement.​

mBLU Mode 2 - for vascular architecture visualisation.

The diagnostic ability of the mBLU system allows more accurate discrimination of adenomas from non-adenomatous lesions as compared to conventional white light. Further studies can be made to validate these observations.


Fibreless LED-At-Tip: Our patented Fibreless LED-At-Tip technology does away with the fragile light guide glass fibre bundle making the scopes very sturdy and environment friendly. Long life, superior light intensity, low maintenance & low replacement cost.

HD Imaging.

Dedicated auxiliary water channel for washing the mucosa of the GI tract.

Remote buttons for easy operation.

Ultra light weight, single step waterproof connector makes the endoscope more reliable & User-friendly.

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