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Video Pleurascope
Insight Plus Series


Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-IN+ 02_edited.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-IN+ 03.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-IN+ 01.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-IN+ 04 Single Click Connector.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope CMOS Sensor.png

CMOS Imaging

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope LED AT TIP.png



Ottomed Endoscopy Video Endoscopes Laser Compatible.png

Laser Compatible

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Endoscopes Single Click Connector - Insight.png

Single Click


Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-

Flexible Angulation

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-

Distal End Tip

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS-

Light Weight Design

The specially designed slim size and semi-rigid Ottomed Video Pleurascope is ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic Pleuroscopy (Thoracoscopy) procedures. It’s flexible angulation enables easy orientation in the pleural cavity.  Super bright & high intensity Fibreless LED-At-Tip technology & the CMOS sensor’s unmatched image quality helps endoscopists to explore smallest details with great ease.

Fibreless LED-At-Tip: Our patented Fibreless LED-At-Tip technology does away with the fragile light guide glass fibre bundle making the scopes very sturdy and environment friendly. Long life, superior light intensity, low maintenance & low replacement cost.

CMOS Sensor provides unmatched image quality to explore smallest details. Sharp and clear images are picked up in the thoracic cavity by a CMOS sensor with Fibreless LED illumination in the scope tip and displayed on your monitor as a big easy–to–view image that’s larger than the round image typically used with rigid scopes.


Ergonomic, very slim 6mm diameter insertion tube helps smooth insertion & improves procedure performance.

Light weight design Control Section with superb manoeuvrability.

Compatible with electrosurgical and laser treatment.

Flexible angulation, UP 180° & DOWN 130° for easy orientation inside the pleural cavity.

Wide angulation of 180° UP angulation range gives you control over the scope inside the thoracic cavity and makes it possible to observe lesions close to the trocar.

Remote buttons for easy operation.

Single click connector.

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