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HD Video Cholangioscope

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Pleurascope OTS IN+ Single Click Connector
Ottomed CholangioScope OBS IN+ tube diameter
Ottomed Endoscopy Video cholangioscope with LED AT TIP
Ottomed Endoscopy Video cholangioscopes with CMOS Sensor

CMOS Sensor

flexible and reusable HD video  with 120 Degree Of View

120° wide field

of view

Laser Compatible flexible and reusable HD video  cholangioscope

Laser Compatible

flexible and reusable HD video with Single Click Connector

Single Click




Super Bright LED-At-Tip: Experience 30% more brightness & 15% wider spread, thanks to the new Phosphor
coating on the LED substrate, providing high reliability over years of use.
CMOS Sensor provides Unmatched Image Quality to Explore Smallest Details.
120 wide field of view helps to detect mucosal pattern with less movements of bending tube.
Easy Manoeuverability.
Laser Compatible.
Ergonomic, Slim and Flexible for Smooth Insertion.
Single Click Connector.

Cholangioscope Specs
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