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EndoWasher Qubey-T

Ottomed Endoscopy Qubey-T front view.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Qubey-T Side view.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Level Indicator.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Leakage Testing.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Inbuilt Printer.png
Ottomed Endowasher Qubey T USB Port.png

Qubey-T is a micro-controlled fully automatic sequence washer with user-friendly software for disinfection of endoscopes.



Touch Screen Interface

Simple Feather-Touch, spill-proof Touch Screen operation. Easy to use with all functions on one screen making it easier & faster to operate the reprocessor.


In-Built Printer

Instant thermal paper printouts of Endoscope data with re-processing protocol. History can also be printed.


Level Indicator

Always visible disinfection solution level makes it easy to know when a top up is required.


Leakage Testing

Universal Leakage Testing Port compatible with most types of endoscopes.


USB Port

Transfer & store re-processing cycle parameters on pen drives.


Other features

  • Fully automatic operation.

  • 50 cycles storage memory.

  • Simple & user friendly operations Menu.

  • Specially designed tub uses minimum quantity of disinfectant.

  • Powerful channel drying mechanism at the end of cleaning & disinfection cycle.

  • Store user programmes in in-built memory.

  • Multi-channel jetting system for thorough cleaning and disinfection of internal channels, especially the raiser-wire channel in side viewing endoscope.

  • Can be operated in manual mode as well.

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