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Endoscope Hangers

Improper storage is the most common reason for endoscope damage. Endoscope Hangers are a safe & secure endoscope storage tool to safely and securely store your endoscopes. Proper storage of endoscopes also plays an important part in endoscope reprocessing to ensure Patient and Technician safety.

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Ottomed EndoHanger 1.png


EndoHanger is a specially designed for hanging Endoscopes safely and securely in your Endoscope storage area.


For easy & safe endoscope hanging


Universal compatibility

Special grade rust free strong material.


Smooth surfaces for scratch free hanging of endoscope

Ottomed EndoHanger 2.png
Ottomed EndoHanger 2_1.png

EndoHanger 2

Wall mounted EndoHanger 2 is designed to be easily mounted on the wall or in the endoscope cabinet.


Safer & Secure storage: Endohanger 2 helps save on costly repair costs and downtime by allowing proper storage of your expensive endoscopes.


Material: Made from long-lasting durable single piece Acrylic which is easy to clean and wipe. • Universal Compatibility.

Can be custom designed for EUS Endoscopes.

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Ottomed EndoHanger 2_2.png
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