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Peristaltic Water Irrigation Pump


Endopump II


  • Greater Visibility for improved Diagnosis & Detection.

  • Auxiliary water jet irrigation for washing colonic mucosa.

  • Biopsy channel irrigation for gastric washing, bleed etc.,

  • Quick filling for Endoscopic Ultrasound procedure.


  • Universal compatibility – Compatible with most endoscope brands in the market.


  • Easy selection of water flow rate – Up/Down arrow buttons to select the flow in single touch.


  • LED indication – Indicates the flow rate selected by the user for the procedure.


  • Accessories – provided for different usage - Auxiliary water jet and Biopsy channel irrigation.


  • Foot Switch Control – EndoPump is in standby mode as default. User can start the jet flow when required by pressing the foot switch provided.


  • In built safety alarm to alert the user If the output tube to the patient is obstructed / clotted / kinked,

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