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To all our Valued Customers,

Re. Service effect due to COVID-19


We hope this communication finds you and your family safe and healthy.


The fight against COVID-19 has now entered a crucial phase. Consequently, Central & State Governments have announced advisories to be followed in the general course of life and business.


To ensure safety and health of everyone concerned, we have taken a series of actions to reduce the risks to you, to our officers/teams who support you, and to our ongoing business activity, working closely as per directives/instructions issued by the respective State Governments from time to time.


As a responsible health care provider, we have a well-established business continuity plan covering pandemic outbreaks (essential and non-essential services, rotation services via alternate days, etc) and group-wide travel restrictions that are updated daily based on changing conditions and advisories from governments and health ministries.


Our Management Teams and I, are committed to doing everything we can to ensure there is minimal disruption to our services. The wellbeing and safety of our patient, customer and employees are of utmost importance to us.


MITRA is committed to providing you with all essential services and we are available over mobile and email and our teams are equipped for  video calls on WhatsApp / Skype / Zoom.


In case, you feel it being essential for our visiting, kindly check the availability of concerned officials with your Local Service Provider or using the connect resources mentioned as under. Our management team and I are available for you.


Do check our website, for updates/communications with regards to Service.


Please expect some delay in our response as all offices are working with fewer staff to ensure social distancing due to COVID-19. We are sorry for the inconvenience and solicit your cooperation in this regard.


Do take care of yourself, your families, your friends and colleagues and Our Country.


Be Safe!

Nitin Mahajan

Managing Director

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