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Video Ureteroscopes
Insight Plus Series


Ottomed Endoscopy Video Ureteroscopes OUR-IN+ 02.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Ureteroscopes OU
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Ureteroscopes OUR-IN+ 01.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Ureteroscopes OUR-IN+ 03.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope CMOS Sensor.png

CMOS Imaging

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Gastroscope LED AT TIP.png



Ottomed Endoscopy Video Endoscopes Laser Compatible.png

Laser Compatible

Ottomed Endoscopy Video Endoscopes Single Click Connector - Insight.png

Single Click


Fibreless LED-At-Tip: Our patented Fibreless LED-At-Tip technology does away with the fragile light guide glass fibre bundle making the scopes very sturdy and environment friendly. Long life, superior light intensity, low maintenance & low replacement cost.

CMOS Sensor provides unmatched image quality to explore smallest details.

Ergonomic, slim and flexible for smooth insertion.

Flexible angulation (270° Up & Down) enables optimal visualisation in the Upper & Lower Calyxes respectively.

Ideal for Lithotripsy.

Easy manoeuverability.

Laser compatible.

Remote buttons for easy operation.

Single click connector.

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