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EndoWasher Qubey-III

Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Front View.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III -
Ottomed Endoscopy - NEW Icon.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Detergent Wash.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Alcohol Flush.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Level Indicator.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Leakage Testing.png
Ottomed Endoscopy Endowasher Qubey III - Feature - Inbuilt Printer.png

Minimise your Hygiene & Safety concerns. Disinfect your scope in the Qubey-III Endowasher after every procedure to maximise safety of the Patient, Staff and yourself.


360 Degree Auto Disc Rotation Water Jet

New 360 degree auto disc rotation water jet technology helps clean & wash endoscopes thoroughly. The 360 deg. rotating turbo disc, fitted with specially designed spray nozzles in a patented tub design sprays water at high speed causing uniform and complete cleaning of endoscope surfaces.

Fully Automatic operation with preset cycles for various levels of cleaning and disinfection which saves time, maintains hygiene and requires less manpower.

Alcohol Flush to speed up drying of residual water in endoscope channels.

Detergent Wash

Extra detergent wash feature to thoroughly clean & wash your endoscopes with detergent.

Powerful Channel Drying mechanism post cleaning & disinfectant cycle.

Touch Screen Interface

Simple Feather-Touch, spill-proof Touch Screen operation. Easy to use with all functions on one screen making it easier & faster to operate the re-processor.

In-Built Printer

Instant thermal paper printouts of Endoscope data with re-processing protocol. History can also be printed.

Visual Level Indicator

Always visible indicator of disinfection solution, detergent and alcohol levels makes it easy to know when a top up is required.


Leakage Testing

Universal Leakage Testing Port compatible with most types of endoscopes.


USB Port

Transfer & store re-processing cycle parameters on pen drives.

In-built Memory shows history of last 50 cycles.

Specially Designed Tub to ensure minimum wastage of disinfectant & detergents.

Manual Mode for operation as per your custom settings.

Compatible with all Endoscopes.

Ottomed Endowasher Qubey III Specs.png

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