EndoCarbon IIIi

CO2 Insufflator

EndoCarbon IIIi
EndoCarbon IIIi

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EndoCarbon IIIi
EndoCarbon IIIi

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Endocarbon IIIi’s unique efficient intelligent CO2 Gas smart flow technology is environment friendly & makes procedures hassle-free, faster and helps save on CO2 costs.

CO2 insufflation to patient stomach/Colon reduces distention, abdominal pain, bloating as studies confirmed CO2 is absorbed 150 times faster than normal air and promptly eliminated via lungs & speed up recovery afterwards.


Efficient & Intelligent Gas Flow Management

Minimises spread of CO2 gas in the procedure room which may harmful to the user/technician/patient & environment. This intelligent technology helps reduce wastage of CO2.

Special POEM Mode

Assigned special customised & pre-programmed single click mode for in-patient therapeutic POEM procedure.

Single Touch Operation

Single touch user friendly front panel buttons. Dedicated buttons to change flow rate (POEM/LOW/HIGH) to the machine during procedures. No need to change tubes to change the Flow rate.

Visual Gas Flow Indicators

LED Visual gas flow indicators to show flow rate of CO2 output (POEM, LOW, HIGH).

Actual Gas Input Pressure Indicator

Multiple LED indicators to show actual gas input flow to the machine.


Advance Micro-controller Technology

Provides precision controlled Gas flow rates.


Universal compatibility

EndoCarbon III is compatible with all branded video endoscopy systems.