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Setting Milestones in Video Endoscopy Technology

Flexible endoscopes for gastroenterology and pulmonology continue to evolve along multiple vectors in order to meet the simultaneous needs of doctors for better access to hard-to-reach parts of the anatomy, better image quality and advanced modes of visualisation, more ergonomic handling, and durability that holds up under heavy daily use.

Mitra is the only video endoscope manufacturer  in India. Using its extensive and highly specialised R&D activity, Mitra has been at the forefront in developing advanced and innovative flexible endoscopes and ancillary devices for gastroenterology and pulmonology.


Ottomed Endoscopy is a division of the Mitra Group.

Fibreless LED-AT-TIP

Traditional endoscope technologies use glass fibres for transmission of light from the   light source to the tip of the endoscope. These glass fibres break with wear and tear of endoscopy procedures and patient trauma like biting on shaft, causing diminished illumination from the endoscope tip and great difficulty in performing endoscopy procedure.


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