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Ottomed SMARTEYE-STANDARD Universal Video Endoscopy System

SMARTEYE-STANDARD video processor enables easy access to the range of advanced diagnostic features. A range of improvements assists in obtaining images with maximum diagnostic yield whilst, new & improved image processing delivers, outstanding image quality thanks to reduced noise, reduced halation & improved colour contrast. Result:Groundbreaking Image Quality.

  • Eco-friendly "BRIGHT LED-AT-THE-TIP" technology for long life "fibre bundle less" white illumination.
  • Robust system with low maintenance cost.
  • Consumes less power.
  • One-touch connector for cable free connections. Smooth & Quick single action connection without hassles of additional wires makes this system ready very fast.
  • Conveniently located Programmable remote control switches.
  OVG* OVC** OVD***
Optical System
Field of view 145 Deg 145 Deg 100 Deg
Direction of view Forward viewing Forward viewing 5 Deg backword-oblique
Depth of field 3 to 100 mm 3 to 100 mm 5 to 60 mm
Distal End
Outer diameter 9.8 mm 13 mm 13.5 mm
Insertion Tube
Outer diameter 9.5 mm 12.8 mm 12.5 mm
Bending Section
Range of distal Up 210 Deg Up 180 Deg Up 120 Deg
End bending Down 90 Deg
Right 100 Deg
Left 100 Deg
Down 180 Deg
Right 160 Deg
Left 160 Deg
Down 90 Deg
Right 110 Deg
Left 90 Deg
Working Length 1070 mm 1680 mm 1260 mm
Total Length 1350 mm 1975 mm 1545 mm
Instrument Channel
Inner diameter 2.8 mm 3.7 mm 4.2 mm
Minimum visible distance 3 mm 3 mm 5 mm

OVG* : Ottomed Gastro Videoscope
OVC** : Ottomed Colono Videoscope
OVD*** : Ottomed Duodeno Videoscope

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