Tracheobronchial Y Stent

Tracheobronchial stent indicated patient with the treacheobronchial stenosis by inoperable lung cancer or luminal stenosis caused by extrinsic compression of the mediastinal mass as well as the trachea-esophageal fistula by lung cancer or esophageal cancer.

  • Double Lock Design
    1.Additional support for cartilaginous airway
    2.Reduce chance of Stent Fractures.
  • Reduce disruption of the mucocilliary elevator via Reinforced Posterior Stents Membrane design.
  • Dura Cover Sleeve to help cleaning of secretions as well as long term patency**.
  • Unique Overlapping Dura Cover Sleeve, on tracheal as well as both bronchial limbs ends to prevent tissue granulation.
  • Additional Gold radiopaque markers for ease of deployment under fluoroscopy guidance.

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