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Ottomed Endoclinic Reporting and Documentation System

Now work and utilize information freelywith Endo Clinic multi-user lan suite.

  • User friendly.
  • Auto Masking.
  • Compatible with Windows-XP and Windows-7.
  • Back-up facilities in CD and External Device.
  • Summary facilities in Excel Sheets.
  • Compatible with Laparoscopy, Gastroscopy, Urology & Ultrasound.
  • Image view in large size.
  • Recording/Editing both Still & Moving sequence.
  • Prepare Presentation, Documents, e-mail etc.
  • Support Multi-user environment.
  • Export/Import database.
  • Well formatted and multipage report.
  • Create and Edit new template.
  • Burn multiple patient data simultaneously.
  • Movie editing and Movie merging.
  • Patient search (Through ID, Name, Age, Ref, etc.).
  • Export/Import Image and Movies.
  • Multiple footer and Multiple header.
  • Endo mode/External mode.
  • Input source selection by footswitch.
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