Endoclinic8i Advanced Information Management System

Achieve better clinical outcome by accurately reporting & documenting, Helps in during reporting. Provides video streaming for telemedicine support. Using full screen live video saving printer ink and cut cost using intelligent image cropping feature can be customized for seamless interface with HIS.

  • User Friendly
  • Auto Masking / Image cropping
  • View full screen video (both live and recorded) even take images.
  • Compatible with Windows-XP, Win-7 and Win-8
  • Back-up facilities in CD and External Device
  • Summary facilities in Excel Sheets
  • Compatible with Laparoscopy, Gastroscopy, Urology & Ultrasound
  • Image view in large size
  • Recording/Editing both Still and Moving sequence
  • Prepare Presentation, Documents, e-mail etc.
  • Support Multi-user environment
  • Export/Import database
  • Well formatted and multipage report
  • High resolution image/video capture-720x576 & higher
  • Create and Edit new template
  • Burn multiple patient data simultaneously
  • Movie editing and Movie merging
  • Patient search (thru ID, Name, Age, Ref, etc.)
  • Expor t/Import Image and Movies
  • Multiple footer and Multiple header
  • Input source selection by foot switch
  • Endo mode/External mode
  • Help file in-built
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